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The best solutions are very often based not on one particular marketing activity, but on their sum proposed in such a way to fulfil the customer’s goals.

We are the Integrated Marketing Agency.

The competitive advantage of Umbrella Marketing Group is a high quality of marketing concepts provided throughout the entire service process. Despite the market turbulences, we are looking forward towards the future with confidence that we won’t let our customers down. The service quality has become the major concept in our organization. We carry out our tasks earnestly, responsibly, creatively, and with passion.


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We are project managers operating in marketing. Key processes are controlled by own software and internal procedures. We rely on partners specialized in specific areas. We build long-term relationships with clients and partners, becoming a part of their working model.

We operate in the fields of strategy, research, business concepts, market intelligence across the communication both pro-sales and social, to hard solutions like promotions, loyalty platforms.


Integrating marketing tools means focusing on the market effect rather than on professional competence. It’s our strongest asset. We are successful in achieving goals.
Customers and market research, developing strategies

The one who has information … has power, and the information is collected through marketing research. The research process gives an opportunity to find answers to questions within the entire marketplace. On the basis of the present state of knowledge, it is possible – with more likelihood, to predict the future.

Sales promotion processes, BTL

Regardless of the assessment of the correlation between marketing and sales, they both have the same goal which is creating value for the client as well as increasing the company’s financial results. A well-planned selection of tools makes it possible to achieve these goals – depending on predetermined assumptions, in a short- or long-term perspective.

Social marketing, web development

The internet is the primary source of knowledge about the participants and processes within particular markets. The process of gathering data often begins with browsing its content on computers or mobile devices. However, nowadays it’s not enough to only „be present on the internet”, but to stand out, be at the forefront of search results.

Graphics design, & production
Graphics design & production

We are well aware that the aesthetics and appropriate arrangement of materials with which we communicate with the market is of vital importance for the way we are perceived and what first impression we make. With this awareness, we create all our graphic projects.

Integration of marketing activities

A marketing project is a client-tailored set of a few diverse tools. Competence is the ability to plan and organize many activities to make the project – in its substance, form a coherent whole allowing the achievement of the stated objective. Such solutions represent a high level of service individualisation, providing customers with security and awareness that they and their needs are the most important.

Crossing borders

When planning the company’s growth, it’s always worth thinking about its expansion by going beyond the geographical and cultural frameworks. It allows to broaden horizons, understand the business practice specificity and the cooperation principles of other markets than that of the domestic one.

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