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Integrated Marketing for Building Materials

Stay ahead of the competition in your product category with an integrated marketing strategy that delivers the right messages.

The building materials industry is a growing and dynamic sector worldwide. Thanks to advances in technology and innovation, competition is fierce in many product categories. It’s now more crucial than ever to ensure you’re marketing building materials in the most effective way.

The Challenge

Marketing to the building industry is complex. You need to build awareness of your product to a wide range of people from executives and architects to site managers, builders and everyday consumers. Without loyal trade relationships, it can be hard to win in this area.

Marketing to audiences on a range of different levels requires a deep understanding of their needs and wants. It often means a combination of a B2B and B2C approach to marketing, so can be difficult to navigate. It’s important to integrate the right processes and tools to get the message across.

The Opportunity

In the building industry, there are key decision makers at many levels. Whether it’s the everyday customer plugging away at their weekend DIY or the professional team building a hotel, the demand for quality materials is high.

It’s a complex universe, but once you understand the players in it, you can start speaking their language. With the right strategy, materials and platforms, you’ll show how your high quality materials meet this demand.

If you do this right, you’ll get ahead – and stay ahead – of your competition.

How We Help

Umbrella Marketing Group knows the building industry, and we know it well. In fact, we boast over 13 years’ experience in the competitive European market, plus experience in the Australasian market. Our team knows how to create and share the right messages, and engage the key industry players.

We’re the experts in integrated marketing to the building industry. That means we know how to create and share the right messages, and engage key players with a specific mix of the right tools and messages to maximise results.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we firstly lay the foundations. We work with you to understand your product, audience and business objectives. The next step is to research and develop a marketing strategy that will best meet them.

We’ve had success with a wide range of key marketing initiatives. We’ve provided full service marketing for window producers Sokółka Okna i Drzwi, a website for LEDA, BTL trade marketing for Velux, a loyalty and motivation platform for Saint Gobain glass, and even an online builders’ academy for TYTAN Professional.

Our scope ranges from digital activities like lead generation CRM campaigns, SEO or e-commerce strategies to offline marketing such as event management, marketing graphic design and POS materials.

These are only a few examples of how we can help to develop your brand and increase awareness and engagement among your target audience in the building industry. Contact us now to discuss a bespoke marketing plan for your building materials.