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Key Opinion Leaders

Engage with the right Key Opinion Leaders to amplify your brand and turn your customers into advocates.

Collaborations between brands and influencers have exploded in recent times, and influencer marketing is not slowing down. This non-promotional, organic approach is what’s holding your customer’s attention in 2017.  But what’s the best way to leverage it?

The Challenge

In a market that’s saturated with digital advertising, consumers are savvy enough to pick and choose what kind of ads they’re served with.  Your average person may no longer always trust or pay attention to the ads in their Facebook newsfeed and emails in their inbox.

Add to that the prolific nature of ad blockers, and traditional forms of online advertising are becoming less and less effective.

The Opportunity

People might be tuning out when the commercials come on during their favourite TV show, but they’re pulling out their phones to scroll through Instagram at the same time.

By engaging with influencers or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and brand ambassadors to promote your brand, you get targeted exposure to the right kind of consumer – one who is already paying attention.

Working with influencers might include placements like sponsored posts, videos, and giveaways. But it’s not just Instagram stars or celebrities with thousands of followers who can resonate with your target customer.

By turning regular people into ‘superfans’ or brand ambassadors who promote your brand’s message via their own social channels, you build even more trust with your audience.

This part product placement, part testimonial approach is particularly effective. When audiences see people like them promoting your brand, it makes them see it as part of their own lifestyle.

Your brand is no longer just aspirational – it’s attainable, driving higher engagement and advocacy among your audience.

How We Help

We work with brands to build influencer strategies engaging with both established KOLs, and regular fans. These strategies create impact for brands from travel and fashion to I.T, construction and beyond.

We build personas and create positioning specific to your brand. Then we select KOLs like bloggers, social media influencers and fans who best represent this.

We work with influencers to monitor their content to ensure they represent your brand on the right channels, while still saying true to their own personality. We can also produce high quality content on behalf of influencers to ensure their posts stand out from the crowd.

You can leave the heavy lifting like drafting contracts and fulfilling obligations to us. We manage the relationship between your brand and your influencers closely.

We also specialise in brand amplification programmes on a trade marketing level for new products. These campaigns help distributors test the market, before committing to large distribution and advertising spends. This often includes social media campaigns asking people to register to become product testers and ‘brand ambassadors’, and provide their opinions online in exchange for products. We collect and edit these opinions, publish them to social channels and generate traffic around them.

We’ve already run successful influencer campaigns for clients such as Lubuski Gin and Both have enjoyed the success of increased brand awareness and a more engaged customer base.

If it’s time to take your brand to the next level, contact us today to discuss how influencer marketing can work for your business.