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Shopper Navigation

Better understand your shopper’s behaviour to identify opportunities for business growth and improved customer experience.

How well do you really know your customers? Learning and analysing what shoppers want and need is the key to increasing foot traffic and opening up sales opportunities.

The Challenge

Grabbing a customer’s interest and retaining it while they’re in store is one of the biggest challenges retailers face.

As a distributor, you might spend hours deciding which products to promote in a sale, how to display them and where to put your POS materials. Or perhaps you’re a producer who wants more visibility about where your product is placed in store.

How can you be sure a store layout gives your customers what they want, and encourages them to buy?

The Opportunity

An agency can provide market, shopper and competitor research to allow you to construct a shopper navigation strategy, specific to your business.

But before you plan this strategy, you need to first use research and data to understand shopper behaviour at every point of sale.

These consumer insights can be used to understand how to create branding identifiers customers will relate to, and use these to inform how to set up products and POS materials in store. It’s creating a standardised shopper strategy that begins with the right branding at the place of production, through to where and how products are distributed in store, and how the salesperson on the floor presents them.

This builds a better sales story for your customers, giving them what they want at every stage of their buyer’s journey. The end goal is for the customer to finish that journey at the cash register.

How We Help

Umbrella Marketing Group works with you to create a custom shopper surveying plan, specific to your stores or product. This is based on sophisticated market research and shopper behaviour tools. We also observe your customers in store, interview sales people and look at what your competitors are doing.

It’s anything but simple – in fact, we use some of the most advanced and complex tools to analyse shopper behaviour. For example, we use mobile eye-tracking glasses to analyse what the shopper sees (and doesn’t see) along their path to purchase. This helps us to create a shopper navigation plan from the best perspective – your customer’s.

We provide you with recommendations on branding identifiers, where to place your products and how to layout your POS materials, so shoppers want to buy your promotions or more expensive items.

We make sure your customer sees the right products and POS materials at every moment of the buyer’s journey. It’s all designed to create brand interaction and opportunities for upsell and promotion.

And once your plan is in place, we continually monitor and optimise it. We stay agile to best leverage on factors such as changing seasons, special occasions and the weather.

Whether you’re a large retailer or smaller boutique outlet, we can optimise your store layout, to encourage more sales. We’ve already had great success implementing such strategies for our global clients including Sanitec Kolo, Topex, Invido (Sokolka), Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Wienerberger, Zehnder and Opoczno.

Are you to keen to learn more about your customers and whether your store layout caters to their needs? Get in touch to discuss how a shopper navigation plan will look for your business.