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Social Content Commerce Platforms

Create a more powerful customer experience and increase conversion by combining e-commerce, content and social proof in one platform.

We’re living in a buy now economy, where buying is only a click away. Our marketplace has moved beyond just traditional e-commerce. Social networks now provide targeted in-app shopping experiences, and consumers rely on the opinions of influencers and their friends when making purchasing decisions.

In this crowded space, providing relevant and engaging online shopping experiences is key to creating conversion. So how exactly do you do this?

The Challenge

Building relationships with customers who rely heavily on social proof and social commerce can be tricky.

Brands need to consider the entire customer journey through the sales funnel, and find ways to stand out at each touchpoint. The challenge lies in finding new and creative ways to engage the customer and create that relationship, and find different ways to entice them to purchase.

But how do you create this cut through?

The Opportunity

We’re all aware of the importance of great content – but that alone is no longer enough. Understanding which content has the most impact at every stage of the sales funnel is the key to increasing conversion.

By combining content with e-commerce functionality and social media, you can give your customer everything they need throughout the sales funnel – all in one platform.

A social content commerce platform will help you to leverage content to better connect with your target at the awareness phase of the customer journey.  Content such as advice articles and trend-driven or lifestyle pieces can establish credibility for your brand and help the customer to see your product benefits.

User-generated reviews and content can be promoted to help with the customer’s decision making during the evaluation phase. This helps them see why your product is the best fit for their lifestyle.

And when your customer is ready to purchase, offering them tools like a product finder or a product offer will allow you to close the sale.

How We Help

Umbrella Marketing Group takes an integrated approach to social content commerce platforms. We combine marketing automation tools with user experience, to map the customer journey from awareness, to evaluation to purchase. This map is then used to create an engaging platform that will nurture prospects with exciting, useful content that helps to convert them into happy customers.

We create the structure – the wireframe – and build and design your platform with the right content and user generated reviews. Once you’re happy with your platform, we go live and amplify and share via various social channels to reach your target.

Once your platform is up and running, we report on the performance to analyse and report on the data, to ensure you’re targeting the right products to the right customer.

The social content commerce platforms we’ve built for Thomas Vacuum Cleaners and Lubuski Gin are just a couple of examples of how we’ve put this into practise for our clients.

Our Lubuski Gin platform integrated big data from marketing automation with human-oriented knowledge based on customer experience to create an exciting and useful platform for customers.

If you’re interested in exploring how a social content commerce platform can help to boost your online sales, please get in touch.